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Thank you for reaching out to Nadlan Invest to accomplish your Real Estate Investment needs.
We are here to show you that you made the right choice!

As you most likely know – people relate to the process of finding the best property that fits their criteria as one of the most complicated processes exists – the client needs to first locate the area they like to work at, study theprice differences, and then find the right deal based on parameters such as price, comparables to other similiar properties, positive or negative migration, crime, schools and so on – while we help many local Americans, and for them it's a little bit easier, imagine doing all of that if you are a foreign national that like to invest in the US!

The chances for you to screen the entire market and find the best possible deals are close to none even if you reside in the US, and researching many different markets from abroad is even harder for foreign investors. 

We are here to change all of that and make that process as smooth as possible!

So I am your personal account manager at Nadlan Invest, and I will be your point of contact to gather all the documents to all of our premier operators, builders etc.

We all work simultaneously – all of our operators are engaged in parallel to get you the best possible deals – so please expect a phone call from me soon to let you know what questions we have from you to pin point the best properties for you.

All of the operators are all here to help you out – our dedicated in house consultants and operators that already got your request and will start working on getting you the best deal right away!

None of our staff is getting paid a commission until you own the property so you can be rest assured that they will not stop until they reach the final step with you of finding the best possible investment for you.

Please feel free to consult with me and our specialists in person at all stages of the loan process.


So what makes us the leaders in the finding deals for foreign investors in the United States?

All of our staff is being fully engaged at the same time to make sure that you will get the best deals that fit your criteria!
How is it done?
Each of our operators is working behind the scene in parallel to find the best deals for you based on the information you provided – they actually "compete" on who will serve you with the best possible deal. 
After receiving all of the answers from you, and once you choose the property that you like, I will make sure that each operator will send you the deal's terms document called the Deal Terms.
I am here to help you send the appropriate information to the operator who has been assigned to you.
Just so you know I speak both English and Hebrew and I have extensive experience in US investments and I am here for you – your dedicated account manager through the life of the loan.
Your request goes to several operators at the same time – the advantage of this process is that each of our operators knows their market in depth and has years of experience so you get exposure to a huge number of banks quickly – and all of our operators work with the same uniformed documents that you can find on our site. 
Many of our operators will be able to get you the Deal Term Sheet with the initial information that you filled up.
In case additional documents are needed, all you need to do is respond to our questions so you will get the best offer possible on the market easily and quickly without having to start running from operator to operator anf from builder to builder!
Once you receive the deal terms from several of our different operators – you can compare these Deal Term Sheets and choose the deal that suits you best and the operator that you like to work with – you can compare the price, value, parameters of the deal and so on.
After selecting the operator and signing the Deal Term Sheet document the loan process begins. 

This email is the direct communication email between you, me and your assigned specialist – you can ask us any question simply by answering this email and get help from us by replying to this email or by coordinating a phone call.

You will see that each operator might ask slightly different questions, but I am here to help you with that process and most of the questions are common to everyone.

To coordinate a call me, I will be happy to send you my personal calendar link
The Nadlan Invest Staff
Lior Lustig has managed in Israel large technology projects for the Ministry of Defense and various startups for about 10 years, moving to Manhattan in 2010 following a startup he established in the field of e-commerce and real estate. Lior also served as a broker and mortgage officer for many years with expertise in the NYC market so he got the chance to deepen his knowledge in the US real estate world from within and since then been involved in many real estate transactions in many US markets. Lior is always looking for a way to improve the real estate related ventures he is involved in with his technological know-how. Lior has experience in analyzing sophisticated real estate transactions from all of the layers of the investment, and examining investments for him is a comprehensive and accurate work process that has been examined in several aspects, regional, local and computational. In the US market, Lior is an investor in the single and multi-family markets and is a financing expert in residential and commercial loans. Lior has helped to provide financing for foreign investors in the last 3 years with great success by utilizing a network of expert brokers that can fulfill deals that many other brokers can’t reach.”
Lior Lustig